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My name is Michael Hudson Jr., otherwise known as “Mansa Mike” to some of my close friends. I am the Founder & CEO of Mansa Editorial, a comprehensive African-American editorial service for writers and publishers alike. I was born and raised in the nation’s capitalWashington, D.C. 

Growing up, I was always an avid reader and learner. I loved to read books and learn as much as I could about many different subjects. My reading appetite spanned across all genres; fiction, urban-fiction, nonfiction, business, sports, biographies, etc. Soon, my love for reading sparked a desire within me to begin writing literary pieces of my own. I’ve written numerous poems and essays in multiple journals that I keep within my possession. The passion that I have for reading and writing is what ultimately led me to combine the two skills into the editorial service that Mansa Editorial is today.

I started Mansa Editorial because I wanted to help peopleespecially those within my community. Through my experience reading and reviewing diverse literary works, I’ve observed many common flaws that people have mistaken in their writing. As an Editor, my goal is to remove those flaws while simultaneously preserve the original voice and style that writers invest into their stories. 

I am very confident that if you’re looking to build an editorial relationship with someone, Mansa Editorial is the perfect fit for you. Our genre specialties include Urban Fiction, Romance, Nonfiction, and Business. With over 2,500,000 words and 10,000 pages reviewed under our belt, Mansa Editorial has the experience and expertise to provide the necessary editorial services your manuscript needs from us.  If you’re searching for an editor that is professional, creative, empathetic, and reliable then look no further.

Mansa Editorial is here at your service!

Services That We Provide

Mansa Editorial prides itself on being both professional and multifaceted. In the course of our operation, we have performed edits over many varying degrees based on the needs of the current submission. Whatever is required to enhance your writing and perfect your story Mansa Editorial will provide it.

Please review the list below of the editorial services that we offer….

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